Jefferson County School District

Interim K - 5 Elementary Classroom Teacher (2020-2021) (371)

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TitleInterim K - 5 Elementary Classroom Teacher (2020-2021)
Posting ID371

Requirements: Must be certified to teach K-5 in a public school in the state of Tennessee.  







  1. Valid teacher’s license with appropriate endorsements
  2. Strong written, verbal, presentation and interpersonal skills.
  3. Basic understanding of and skill with computer technology for personal and presentation applications.
  4. Meets health and physical requirements 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Prepares lesson plans for course(s) of study taught;
  2. Aligns course(s) curriculum(s) taught with state curriculum standards.
  3. Uses a variety of teaching strategies to differentiate for student learning;
  4. Prepares, administers, and records student assessments for subjects taught;
  5. Assigns lessons routinely and corrects student work in a timely fashion;
  6. Maintains order in classroom, play areas, and common areas of the school;
  7. Develops and maintains a classroom environment conducive to learning and socially appropriate for the age of students taught;
  8. Counsels students as needed for academic or social needs;
  9. Consults with other professionals to address learning or behavioral problems with specific students;
  10. Communicates with parents regularly through verbal and written form;
  11. Schedules parent conferences as directed by the system and as needed in particular cases;
  12. Keeps accurate attendance and academic performance records for assigned students;
  13. Reports to proper authorities and principal when knowledgeable or suspicious that a child’s health or welfare has been or appears to be at risk as a result of abuse or neglect;
  14. Represents the school system in a positive manner within the community;
  15. Participates in school level faculty meetings, system professional development and in-service meetings, and other workshops for teacher training;
  16. Assists in upholding board policies, school rules, and administrative regulations;
  17. Supervises activities such as field trips, group activities, athletic events, club meetings, or other school related events that foster student understanding of their social environment;
  18. Performs other work-related duties as assigned.



Shift TypeInterim
Salary RangeTo be determined
LocationSchool and grade to be determined

Applications Accepted

Start Date08/03/2020